Friday, April 6, 2012


I got a look at myself in a mall mirror. Perspective is everything when you think you're doing good....and then reality hits.  I haven't been to the mall since before the start of cold/flu season. (You'd be surprised what disgusting things are floating around in that circulated air, let alone on surfaces with crawling, drooling children!) So Tuesday the in-laws were here for a visit and we went off to the mall to get mother-in-law a new pair of glasses and shoes and a stop at the book store for us.  Note: I go in for childrens books, the kids find their usuals. Fire marshall diecast car and diecast airplane with opening doors for the boy, a stuffed purple turtle for the girl. Sigh...

As I was walking around while the mother-in-law was shoe-browsing, I got a peek at my profile in a mirror.  Bubble butt, spare tire poking out the front that refuses to budge...legs looked decent enough...but ohhh...the unmistakeable proof of a lax last couple of weeks on my face.  The puffy face and double chin is a giveaway for sure.  The first place I show it is in my face...then my stomach. The stomach I can hide better than the face.  Not. Good.  Reminded me of being 9 months pregnant, ready to produce this full-sized baby (and by full-sized I mean one kid was 6.14oz and the other was 5.75oz so most of it was ALL me!) and then you get home and think you look fantastic in your pre-maternity clothes!! That's not real. That's not good. You were still a fat-ass before you got pregnant and your pre-maternity clothes should never have been in your closet either because YOU should never have been that size either.  A little perspective, yessiree. 

I think it's impossible to eat rabbit food, drink the correct amount of water, work out, maintain a household and homeschool all while keeping your sanity and NOT drop at least one of those balls occasionally.  Well, I've dropped a few recently.  Can't do it all at once.  So the water-drinking went out the window.  I didn't pay attention to my food choices that much. I worked out only three times last week. Not enough to make a dent in the bubble butt or the spare tire or the fat face.

 I keep reading that writing down what you eat and what you do to work out helps keep you honest.  Perspective and some honesty.  That's what I need.  Do I want to be honest on paper? Absolutely not.  But I know I consume empty calories that need to be cut out.  I need to pick and choose the calories that are most important.  I also need to increase the calories burned.  So I need to write down what I do for exercise.  Blogging every day just wasn't happening.  Another thing I need to write down is water intake.  You'd think it would be silly to write down how much water but when it's such a problem...yes, it needs to get written down.  So I'm breaking out a spiral notebook that has "Vacation ideas" written on the cover from yester-year (I had half a page of ideas for vacations on continents I'll only see in educational videos for the time being. That page is now replaced with what I've poured into my gut.) 

I have several projects I'm working on at the moment...but the body is a constant work-in-progress. Time to shuffle the priorities a bit, at least for the next month or two and start getting honest on paper.  Maybe the next time I catch my profile in a mall mirror I'll see a smile on a slimmer face. ;-)

Saturday, March 24, 2012


It's been too long....and from the number on the scale I can tell it's been a lazy time too.  Ah well, the mojo's finally back because summer has decided to surprise us early this year.  My "summer" will start mid-May with traveling and the husband coming home for his three week visit.  Only a month and half left!  Whaaaa?!?  Yup, time to get my butt in gear.  So of course I need to finish off the last of the fatty food that has somehow made its way into this house.  ;-)

On to my main thought process here...Caliente! was a show on Univision I used to watch when I was in high school.  Usually in Miami but sometimes on location in the Dominican or Puerto Rico and always with half-naked swimsuit- wearing, booty-shaking hot Latinos.  The music is what attracted me because they always had live singers as well as new releases.  You couldn't sit still and watch, you had to move.  I'd watch in the middle of winter in Virginia and fantasies of Puerto Rican breezes and the slight scent of cologne on a guayabera-wearing gentleman kept my teenage mind alive and well. ;-)  For those that don't know what I'm talking about:

I don't like just a GQ's a relaxed, still put together look...nice slacks...a linen shirt, tan skin, cologne on the neck...and then of course I plug myself into that equation...and I'm 50 pounds lighter, my hair is never frizzy and preferably blow-dried by a hairstyling goddess.  We're salsa dancing outdoors...I'm not even thinking about dinner...or mind is free of responsibilities...and then just when I'm really getting to the good part one of the kids tells me they see a dog across the street while we're stopped at a traffic light and I snap back to reality.  Sigh....listening to Marc Anthony in the car sure does bring back memories....

Here's where part of the mojo from this week came from:

The title translated is "The moon over our love"...yes, I retained some high school Spanish! lol It's a beautiful song and it got me moving in the car and remembering the good ol' days.  I came home and danced while the kids napped.  Feels good to have the mojo back...maybe I should try a mojito to go with the mojo?? LOL

Monday, January 2, 2012

More chances for new beginnings

  Every year we get a new start, a new beginning and EVERYONE is on the same page.  We start off the year with wanting to improve something.  For some it's losing weight, saving money or promising to take the family on a vacation this year.  For others it's a new pep in the step on the journey of self-improvement.  We all start the year off well...but we should remember to make these not just new year's resolutions but actual life changes.  I don't need a temporary fix, I need an overhaul. lol  Small things are what you put on your to-do list on the $1 bin notepad on the desk or fridge.  No, for me, the overhaul needs multiple half-naked celebrities and fitness gurus to motivate and remind me of my goal.  It needs a saved document on my desktop.  It needs not just bullets but actually numbering of goals.  So here it is:

Resolutions for 2012

1. Buy used clothing/goods as much as possible or at least check thrift stores/Freecycle before buying retail.

2. Don't buy clutter. Think twice before adding something to the cart.

3. Exercise more, save the $ on crap food and buy something special instead.

4. Eat more fruits, vegetables and quality proteins.

5. Relax more and do things that ease stress on the mind and body.

6.  Read all the books stacked up all over the bedroom.

7. When the temper rises, take a deep breath and speak with a softer voice...or leave the room.

8. Don't let anyone pile garbage onto my shoulders. If they are miserable they need to crawl back under the rock from whence they came or they can own their nonsense and let me do me.

9. Make time for quality moments and leave the rest for later.

10.  Organize the school cabinets.  Organize the spare room.  Donate, Freecycle or throw out. 

Remember last week after Christmas when I had too many cupcakes?  Yeah well it's time to get back on the horse or the wagon or whatever and get movin'!  I have my workouts planned for this week.  January is time to prep and psych myself up for Insanity for February and March.  It's going to be tough and I will sweat and it won't be pretty so I need to prepare my body and it ain't even close at this point. lol  I'll probably add in some of my easier workouts in the mix with Insanity because I might need something a little less intense on some days but I'd like to be able to say I survived Insanity. lol  That's the fitness goal for this month and today is the first workout day in January.

By the way, if you've heard of Piloxing, it's great..however...if you watch the Piloxing clip on it is different than the 14.99 version sold at Target.  Target's is a mix of different workouts and the Piloxing toning and express versions but not the full extended version (which is what I wanted).  Too late for me to return since I've opened it but if you're considering it, there's a reason the actual dvd is $20. lol  The set is fine to add on to other workouts but that's not really what I was looking for. Oh well.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Closing out the year

Took a relaxed approach last week but with the laziness comes the guilt.  And the cupcakes.  I do love that funfetti frosting.  Man oh man is that stuff good. lol  So this week I'm closing out the year with double-duty on the workouts.  I have to burn the cupcake calories and make up for lost burn-time last week.  I have some new dvds for this week that I have yet to try so I'm looking forward to it! A couple of my beloved Ellen Barrett workouts for this evening to start the week off right.

I'm ready for a new year.  I'm ready to cut out the bs, cut out the fat, avoid people and conversations that don't bring anything positive to my life.  I've started taking steps to battle the stress, the stomach fat, the high-strung/on edge constant that circles over my head and my middle.

 The kids and I are eating better (though they are still two fickle can you eat an italian bmt with lettuce, tomato, green peppers, onions, oil & vinegar and mayo and not eat a variety of "simple" foods?? lol)  I have one salty/sour kid who also needs dessert after every meal and one strong/savory eater who also has her mommy's sweet tooth.  Thanks to Dinner Done I now have less to come up with on th entree front but that means I need to be more creative with side dishes the kids will actually I have some used cookbooks waiting for me in my Amazon cart. ;-)

Our schooling is going well, we've finally been doing lessons each week day and it's one of three goals I have for each day.  1.  Don't lose my mind..breathe...take a time-out..unclench the teeth...and don't kill anyone.  2.  Exercise 3.  Lesson time

We have had a choppy school schedule so far this school year but we've finally found the happy time slots that work well for us.  Running errands is now an afternoon thing (and only every other week) so there's less running around in the cold, less germy people to come in contact with and less "other stuff" keeping us from doing the productive things we have to do here at home.  The kids are re-discovering their many toys, as well as new Christmas gifts.  I'm weeding through the clutter and donating/freecycling as much as I can.  I'd like to organize the schooling cabinets this winter and clean out the spare room downstairs.  I have a couple of storage bins of clothes I'm ready to go through and donate.   If I'm not going to actually wear my shorts from junior year in high school they can be donated.  I WILL keep one or two jean skirts that I wore in high school...and if I can fit into them then I will wear them this summer. ;-)

Speaking of clothes...I tried on a dress 3 sizes smaller than I normally wear and it fit!  Well, not around the boobs but that's not so bad. lol  It's definitely progress considering I couldn't squish myself into any of my dresses a few months ago.  Since I started blogging at the end of September I've now lost 13 pounds.  13 pounds on 60% effort.  Not bad eh?  I cannot eat rabbit food (though Mike says a salad IS rabbit food) but I've cut excess calories and if I decide to treat myself then I just take it easy on the other meals of the day or week.  I'm not exercising every day but for the last couple of weeks I've been setting out 5 days worth of workouts...and if I skip a day then I just make up for it on the weekend.  This week I have catching up to do so I'm doing double, 7 days this week.  You won't see results if you just coast. lol 

Setting out the workouts for the week has been really motivating.  I'm getting a chance to do new workouts instead of choosing the same ones over and over.  I'm looking forward to trying something different and I'm more aware of combining cardio and strength training to balance it out for the week.  I'm also ready to put some dvds on Ebay because I found some new ones I want to try. ;-)

This site is great for previewing exercise dvds.  You can see clips of the workouts, read reviews, see the breakdown of the workout (how many min for warm up, cardio/strength training, cool down).  I check back with Amazon for additional reviews and price comparison though.  Amazon is usually cheaper but doesn't have new videos in stock.  For some reason CollageVideo gets new dvds before Amazon offers them (every yet to be released dvds). 

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy new year full of positive moments with your loved ones!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Cardio Axe

Axe (A-shay) in Portuguese means "energy" or something along that line.  Cardio Axe is part of the Brazil Butt Lift Beachbody program.  30 minutes of fun Brazilian cardio.  I liked it.  :-)  Good part is I did Jackie Warner's standing ab workout before this one (approx. 20 min) and that alone used to kill me back in August when I started working out.  Now I can put that together with a higher intensity cardio workout and not feel like dying afterwards!  Woohoo!

Haven't blogged in a bit so time to catch up.  I've tweaked the schedule yet again.  I can't muster enough energy to get breakfast into children and myself, do lessons with my son and have energy to workout during naptime if I fit everything in the morning.  So I flipped lesson time to afternoons between lunch and dinner.  You know that gap of time when you start looking at the clock wondering how soon you can feed them and get them to bed? lol  Yeah, we leave the girl upstairs to play or watch a show and the boy and I scootch downstairs for 30 min or so to do lessons.  I do my workout an hour after breakfast during morning playtime or during naptime (or if I'm really procrastinating, after the kids go to bed!).  It all gets done eventually.

Today is Monday and I'm always lagging on Monday.  The mojo for the week hasn't set in yet. lol  We have lots of holiday crafts to do.  Not a crafty mom in general but little kits at Michaels and a foam gingerbread house that was on clearance...I can handle those. ;-)  So this afternoon will be craft time and both children can participate.  We're having an early dinner today -Salmon with dijon cream sauce and garlic mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli with lemon butter. 

I have a list of meal ideas for this week and 4 cardio choices, 4 ab workouts and 4 cardio/strength training workouts.  I hope to get through all of them this week in some combination every day but what doesn't get done this week will be used next week.  This way I get through each dvd once instead of sticking to my favorites.  I also have some new ones I've previewed but haven't done yet.  And some more coming. ;-)  This is the healthiest addiction ever. lol  Thank goodness for Ebay, now I can re-sell the dvds I don't use or I don't like as much and try something new.  Until tomorrow....

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Don't you ask yourself that question!

Beth Moore talks about working out and she says, "Don't you ask yourself that question, you get your tail out there and do what you need to do!"  Amen!  We ask ourselves too many questions.  Do we ask "Am I going to have lunch today?"  Nope.  We eat.  We plan our meals.  We dream about dessert.  And we live in bondage.  How much do you weigh?  What did you eat today?  Was it good or bad?  Hmm...these pants don't really fit right..looks like my pants are ready to explode.  Yup, that's mental bondage.  Consumed by unnecessary thoughts.  I don't know about you but I have enough going through my head.  So as I head into a new week I remind myself of how good I feel when I exercise and get it done for the day.  The absence of guilt when I know I've moved my body "enough" for today. 

As a woman, a wife and mother, I've come to realize that I need "teasers" during the day to keep me going.  I need a good lunch to get me through the afternoon and evening with the kiddos.  I need a break at naptime to have some quiet and do some things alone without the children around.  If my husband were here (or if he ever got the million dollar memo I tried to get him to understand) he'd flirt with me on the phone or something so that I'd actually be happy to see him when he came home in the evening. lol  I've learned the same goes for exercise.  Doing a full workout at naptime hasn't been working for me.  My son wakes up before I've had adequate alone time and I feel jipped.  Or he interrupts me while I'm in a zone doing squats and tries to run over my foot with a file cart. 

BUT...if I get my butt downstairs and get on the pilates chair for some movements, my body warms up and I'm reminded of how good it feels to be slimmer and more flexible.  I have my Leg Magic right at the bottom of the stairs so as I see myself in the mirror I'm reminded to hop on for a minute or two before I allow myself near the computer.  I have several 10 minute options, just abs, a full body 10 min workout, arm weight segments, etc.  If I get on the pilates chair, do some arm movements and some abs and get the heart rate up a bit, in less than 20 minutes I've given myself the teaser and I still have plenty of quiet time before the kiddos wake up.  Then when the kids go to bed for the night, I have the energy and enthusiasm to do a full workout.  Here's the thing, 50 or 60 minutes straight through sucks.  It's just too long.  Unless the workout is REALLY's just long.  You shouldn't be checking the clock.  That's why I like Ellen Barrett's workouts.  45 min or so but the movements flow so well you just keep going.  Richard Simmons is 50-60 minutes but it's "low impact" compared to the other stuff I've been doing so 50-60 min is necessary to equal a decent amount of work for one day.  If I'm doing a high intensity workout, 15-30 min is all I can muster.  On an ideal day, I'll do an Ellen Barrett workout and then add on a 10 min arms, abs or higher intensity segment to complete the hour.  Knowing what works is half the battle...and tomorrow I will NOT be asking myself if I will work out.  I will tease at naptime and get ready for the full show after bedtime. ;-)

Turbo Thanksgiving

Wednesday:  Physique 57 Arm booster, pilates chair and Turbo Fire's HIIT 15 workout

Thursday: Spent all day in the kitchen...that's a workout right?

Friday:  Washed dishes...again...working back, legs and arms.  :-)

Saturday:  Just enough energy to do 10 min of Disco Sweat, abs on the pilates chair, and there was this chart on Pintrest, the 4 minute workout.  I did worked..heart rate up, body warmed, out of breath. 

Sunday:  Ellen Barrett's Fat Burning Fusion ...I get enough mojo to work out...and then I get interrupted by someone who not only finds something to argue about but runs over my foot with the cause of the argument..grrrrrr!  I get in a zone.  The whole point of exercising is to concentrate, work and move the body, clear the mind and focus on the movements.  The cause of stress coming in and ruining the concentration killed it.  This is why I've scootched back my workouts from naptime to bedtime.  I washed dishes while watching Friends on the portable dvd player (I put it on the kitchen window sill, how cool is that? lol ) and then I worked out and by then naptime was clearly over when I heard foot steps.  I have a headache so time to pop some Excedrine and drink a bottle of water.