Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mix It Up

Lots of stuff on my mind so I'm going to mix it up a bit today.  I did some abs and pilates chair but I have a bad headache so I popped some Excedrine and nursing a coffee while I type.  I'd like to do something mellow this evening like Ellen Barrett's Fusion Flow or maybe just get on the recumbent bike.  We'll see.  My cousin called last night and told me she was getting Chipotle so of course I've been craving it ever since.  SO good.  Everything's healthy but you just eat and eat until you want to pass out.  You can't stop..must finish.  So maybe that'll be my dinner. ;-)

I've planned my Thanksgiving meal.  It's just my parents, me and the kids so we make what we like.  I make a ham (more like reheating since it's already cooked), green bean casserole, sweet potatoes (just butter and cinnamon, brown sugar).  My mom requested cranberry sauce from scratch so I found an Emeril recipe for that.  I love him.  Seriously.  Love him.  If I could curl up into his chest I would.  I'm using his recipe for cheesy potato gratin as well.  I usually use Mike's recipe for cheesy potatoes but that's kind of a pain to make the sauce.  I just put in an order for Dinner Done, 8 entrees with free delivery for Saturday.  I've heard it's great so I'm finally giving it a try.  They assemble and package everything and deliver it to my door.  Can't get better than that..and it would cost me well over $120 to make 8 different entrees of the entrees is a almond and cranberry stuffed chicken breast so I may add those to the menu if I can't find turkey legs anywhere.

I've been taking pictures of new recipes I try but I put ALL my pictures on the computer at once a few times a year and I'm feeling quite lazy these days.  I'll put the food pics on Facebook eventually. 

I was looking through a catalog, you know the kind with quotes on t-shirts, Christmas sweaters and cheesy gifts.  I was thinking that I want a cheesy Christmas sweater.  You know, the kind elementary school teachers wear. lol  I looked on Ebay...and I'm really not a cheesy dresser.  I can't do novelty earrings or Mickey Mouse watches.  I get hot in sweaters around the house.  So I found some cute aprons instead.  One for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas.  It'll put me in the festive mood when I'm cooking. 

So while I was browsing Ebay, I looked at shoes.  These are the kind of shoes I used to wear:  (Not the brand for pete's sake but the style!)

And now:

A world of difference.  Sigh....I used to be cute.  I used to get checked out.  Nobody checks out a lumpy mom of two.  Nobody gets checked out going to Costco and Target.  Anybody going in or out of there is married...and most likely to their very own frumpy mom of two. lol  Life just ain't the same.  I used to shop at New York and Company almost weekly back in the day.  I still love that store...but what's the point?  Where do I go?  I'm already the dressiest woman I know and that's kinda sad actually.  I'm actually hesitant when I get ready to socialize...I have to tell myself to take off a piece of jewelry...change my shoes....I remember last year, first night of book club...I wore a black v-neck cotton dress and a periwinkle sweater over it....I normally would have worn my black wedge heels...I was toning it down for the I wore my black patent thongs....I wore silver jewelry....and makeup.  I looked like I was going out to dinner and the rest of the women looked like they just came home from the library.  Very casual.  It's not a bad thing to be fact I was the one that stood out.  I don't know anyone that dresses up.  I see women who look hot to trot going in to Target with children...but no one I know does that. lol

I was talking to my cousin this morning and I told her I'm planning on being the flashiest old lady EVER.  I mean gold sandals, blinging to the know those old ladies that go to the salon for a weekly styling?  That'll be me...only I'll do it myself because I know how. lol  I really admire those 80 yr olds that do their makeup every day.  They grew up in a different time...a time when a lady took care that she looked presentable when she left the house.  We all look like shlubs when we leave the house nowadays.  It's not just about appearance...when these old ladies do their face and hair and pick an outfit for the day, they put their jewelry on, they have a place to go, something to live for.  It's about attitude.  You think if they stayed home every day in their nightgowns they'd live to see 90?  Who would want to see 90 when that's all you have going for you??! 

Switching topics...I'm dreaming of the beach lately.  I miss the hot tanned skin...the salt air.  It is my mission to spend at least one week at the beach next summer.  I will make it happen.  I'd also like to get the driveway done and pay off bills but you know, whatever...priorities.  lol  Traveling up to see the in-laws in MA is on the agenda too....we'll see what we can manage.  I'd like to do that, the kids will be old enough for a road trip but that's not laying out on the beach.  Two totally different vacations.  We may do that with Mike and have the truly relaxing vacation after he leaves. lol  My parents can only be with us for a weekend so if I can manage to find a place I feel safe enough for a week just me in the oh man would that be heaven.  Maybe Topsail...oooh, the wheels are churning.  I'd need a pool too.  I've been to Topsail's low-key...perfect for families and I have a choice of two Food Lions on the island. lol  You know what would really stink?  A week at the beach with non-stop rain.  That would truly stink.  That's me, Ms. Positive Thinker. ;-)  That's all for today folks.

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  1. Dear Glamour Girl,

    Have you ever heard the phrase, "Be the change you want in this world"? So dress to the 9s now, especially when getting together with us homeschooling "shlubs". Don't change or dress yourself down for us. Set the bar high for us and maybe we will rise. If we want to.

    You got some balls posting this.

    Mrs. Schlumpadump.